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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Another belated update - Mth 14 and 15 for me of TSW for Mar/April 2015

Sorry I'm always so behind with my updates but here's Mar/April and will get onto May/June/July soon.

 March 2015

Skin in March was pretty reasonable generally speaking. Mini flares up and down, contending mostly with stretched, thick or gnarly elephant skin. Was still extremely itchy.  Looks better but creases and folds hurt to move, got to say pretty pleased with progress though.



April 2015
Flaring throughout April, redder in certain areas. Rashy and itchy as all get out.
After the previous month or so of finally getting some sleep back.. it's out the window again with the itch intensity.  Infected finger/cuticle.  Face hanging in there, although tight, pink and niggly.





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