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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

MONTH 9 Flaring the last couple of months but a bit of a reprieve in the last week especially for face.

Generally speaking I really just keep chugging along, continuing with the flaring cycles of redness, itching, oozing (sometimes), drying and flaking.  (but please check out last pic at end of blog for some clear looking skin !!!)
I have continued with my anti inflammation management from previous months but additionally have started seeing a homeopath in the last few weeks.   She has been trialling me on a few different remedies. 
My face and neck and hands in particular were driving me mental!!
About 3 weeks ago I started applying Robertson's Skin Relief Ointment to my face and eventually neck as well and if you do make it to the bottom of my pics you'll notice a big improvement by comparison to what it's been like for ages.
I'm not sure if the improvement is because I finally made it to the other side of a flare without having another flare set in on top (which generally seems to be what has happened to date), or as a result of ointment in conjunction with homeopathy.
Hard to tell, but what I do know is that the ointment provided great relief to the dry, cracking face I have had going on for quite some time. It gave the skin some flexibility back and eventually I have been able to use it on my neck too.  It's no miracle cure and I don't know how long it will last but it is a huge relief to be able to move my face and neck more freely.  My neck is still quite sore and fragile but definitely an improvement for now. 
I used the ointment on face earlier on but not with same results.  I think maybe because I am a bit further along now my skin may be responding differently.  It still took a while to be able to use on my neck without getting more itchy though.  It's pretty sticky (like glue), smelly and messy and not the easiest to apply but is better than not being able to smile, create general facial expressions, open mouth, or move neck, etc. 
Can't seem to use this ointment on the rest of me though yet without it making me more itchy.
Am so pleased to have a normalish looking face for a while and it is a major relief to NOT be itching it like I still am on most other parts of me.  My face is finally getting a holiday from this mess!!  Fingers crossed it lasts for a good bit. xx


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