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Saturday, 6 September 2014


Beginning Month 8

Pros and Cons on how things are going.
Hello to everyone out there, hope your skin isn't too sore at the moment and if it is I hope that you get some time out for a bit of relief soon, we all do surely deserve it!!
This a painfully slow process but I can't believe that it's been 7 months gone already, even if each month sometimes can feel like a year.  It definitely feels like I'm in some kind of a time warp !!
  • some nights getting 3 or 4 hours sleep straight without waking up itching myself silly
  • a bit more energy
  • feeling a bit more accepting of the ups and downs of the flaring cycles
  • improved concentration levels which means I can read a book again
  • the weather is warming up which means I don't have to wear so many layers of clothes and bedclothes
  • slight improvement of paranoia - in regard to leaving home for periods of time without the fear of having an out of control itch fest while out, (easier to manage at home with  things like baths and icepacks.
  • not so many weepy patches
  • have stuck with food plan for 7mths now - no dairy,  no eggs, no grains, no sugar, no nightshade veg and limited fruit - can see a bit more easily when things I do eat exacerbate skin aggravation and omit for a time and rechallenge later.
  • continuing supplements which have been determined by gp and naturopath based on blood and gut tests : vit d, fish oil, iron, zinc, digestive enzymes, and pomegranate herbal tincture to treat gut parasite (which I hope will knock it on head otherwise will need to take antibiotics for it)
  • not itching so much during the day
  • my daughter and grandson have been sleeping over 3 days a week for a couple of months while my daughter has been doing her nursing placement to complete her nursing studies. 
  • I've been babysitting my grandson and doing drop off and pick ups for childcare, etc, which was doable but exhausting.
  • Need to highlight that there's no way I could have done this earlier on though, so definitely an improvement in the mobility stakes!! 
  • my hair has stopped falling out and started regrowing wispy baby hair
  • still flaring up and down every day
  • still itching everyday though not all the time (night still crumby)
  • nerve pain (zingers) have returned to the skin on upper legs, chest, wrists and hands
  • massive ongoing shedding of skin!!!!
  • can't keep up with cleaning up massive shedding of skin all over the house, car and me
  • still needing to use sleeping meds
  • expenses for : appointments, supplements, icepacks, cotton only clothes/bedclothes, bath salts, apple cider vinegar and specialised food requirements is crazy (but makes a difference) and necessary in order to feel like I can aid in some level of comfort, even if limited only for now
  • still can't wear a bra
  • still have limited energy
  • still not working
  • still look ghastly
  • skin still feels sore all over
  • still all through my scalp
  • quickly going grey
That's me for now, here's some pics to give you the general idea
Warm Wishes
Caroline xx 
on the one hand, skin so taut it is hard to move it and on the other hand below, lost its gumption and elasticity

face and neck continues to flare up and down and still sore, sore, sore, this was about a week ago

back of leg, skin losing its gumption everywhere

a couple of weeks ago

leg, flaring, sore and nerve pain again

skin on hands is pretty knackered and are still experiencing puffiness

this is how my face is at the moment and continues to flare constantly with a cycle of reddening, itchiness, weeping, drying and flaking and then, joy oh joy, it starts all over again

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