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Monday, 11 August 2014

Onto Month 7

Continuing to flare, itch, weep, dry out and flake...over and over, all over.
I'm trying not to moisturise but my neck and face get so tight and uncomfortable that I am on and off still using jojoba oil for some relief of the extreme tightness, or the cod liver oil ointment to seal up weepy bits and to help to relieve itching in those areas.

It's pretty gross with severe flaking all through my scalp and hair as well that just never seems to end.

With this crazy regeneration and shedding of skin an on hour by hour basis I should have the skin of a baby again soon!!  Hmm, not sure it quite works like that, drats.  (besides, wouldn't want the skin that I had as a baby as it was covered with eczema, but looking forward to my healthier skin in the months to come.


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