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Tuesday, 22 July 2014


 Heading towards 6 months TSW

Prior to the last 2 weeks I had thought that I was going to beat this flaring business of TSW at lightning speed  -  i.e.compared to the lengthy recoveries I have seen others go through out there. 
Surely it was possible, I hoped... that I may be the exception to what otherwise seems to be a drawn out, painful and terribly uncomfortable process.
My skin was slowly, yet continually improving throughout May and June and was starting to look almost normal. The itching was still happening in some areas but I felt like my careful eating, nutrient and supplement regime of the last several months was paying off big time. I am sure it has been hugely beneficial, but this hasn't stopped my hair from falling out massively during this period.  I have lost about 2 thirds of the volume of hair on my head.  According to the dermo, this is due to the extreme stress and inflammation the body has been subjected too. The good news is that it will grow back in time (hopefully!!) as the hair follicles are still there but have just pushed the hair out at alarmingly high speed. The name for this is Telogen effluvium and there is some good info to understand this condition if anyone out there is experiencing it themselves at
The bad news is that though it has just stopped falling out in the last couple of weeks, in these same couple of weeks, I have started a new major flare, starting around my hair line(damn it!) and working its way over my face with the all too familiar swelling, itching, redness, oozing and travelling down my neck and is evidently spreading elsewhere. Great!
If this flare is going to be anything like what I started with, please give me strength.
Am hoping that this will pass much faster and less painfully. 
Am wishing the same for all you other redskin people out there.
Warmest Wishes from wintery Adelaide


Swollen, puffy and eyebrows which are on the way out along with the hair.
I also seem to be getting much more grey than blond as these months go by!

Scraggly neck which has been itched and rubbed way too much to recover any elasticity
starting again with the red, red and more red