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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Much Better Than Earlier Weeks, Slow and Steady Progress is Way Better Than None!! Week 11 - 16

Ok -  so improving gradually, the best thing being that I can move about much more easily without feeling like something will crack open (or possibly fall off, eg. lose a limb, finger or ear!!) and the pain and sensitivity level is significantly more tolerable.  For instance, though I still can't wear a bra, I can at least wear my clothes during the day, without having to turn everything inside out to avoid feeling the seam work  or tags  on my skin.  Everything still has to be cotton though, otherwise it irritates immediately.

The itching during the day is much, much less, however it seems to flare up every night and by bedtime I am needing to jump in the bath to alleviate (much better than needing to be in the bath a gazillion times a day and night though, as was happening previously).  This continues on and off for several hours until I am thoroughly exhausted and finally fall asleep.  Although this is a drag because I know that the lack of sleep does me no favours, at least I am not tearing myself apart as much and the structure of my skin although not pretty, does seem to be strengthening up.

Where the flaring was happening everywhere before, now my face, neck and back seem to have been gradually spared these last few weeks for the most part.  My scalp however, is still crusty and flaky  and my hair has been falling out so much that it's a bit of a worry.  My face, neck  and ears seem to like my morning application of jojoba oil now and I am not using the cod liver oil ointment on this area now unless I see or feel a red or crusty bit, or crack emerging.  So very pleased about this. 

Bad news is, though I have never had warts in my life, I have now!! 
Mainly where I continue to itch the insides and back of my legs, arms and stomach; they seem to be spreading.  This is uncomfortable at the moment, because they are upraised from the skin, I keep scratching the top of the skin off them and they become super sensitive to any contact of clothing or bedding.  This always seems to be worse at night when I am flaring up, so it's a bit of a double whammy.  A frustrating development.

Have been sticking to no sugar, dairy, gluten or night shade family of vegetables since the beginning of February.  Although,on my elimination diet I was allowed brown rice and then was able to introduce some of the other gluten free grains, legumes and pulses, I am pretty sure they were adding to my skin flaring, so have cut them out too.  I think I will do this until my gut gets stronger and the inflammation and flaring settles.  I am pretty sure that sticking to this eating routine has helped me progress much faster than if I wasn't.  
I reckon that the inflammation of the system that this condition stems from and also provokes doesn't need any partners in crime!!

If there was ever a time to be good to my body this would definitely have to be it.  I'd have to say it's a bit of a full time job with food thought and preparation though.   Making sure that there is no possibility of falling off the wagon requires making sure there is always something to eat at home that fulfils the hunger and  also the satisfaction that I need to get from food. Have been looking a lot at food and recipes ideas on websites to do with inflammation, autoimmune probs, paleo and leaky gut

I found a really great downloadable e-book called:
 The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott,
which has some really great recipes with gorgeous and inspiring food pics which is fantastic for someone like me at the moment, because lets face it, sometimes it really sucks that my range of food feels so limited and this was a really great find with not only some great recipes but some really great practical info on preparing ahead so as to avoid not having something great on hand that I can eat.    If you want to have a look here's the link:

Anyways, things are far from perfect but I am so glad that things have improved from where they were 2 - 3 months back, fingers crossed they continue onwards and upwards from here.  Have to say that given I have recently turned 51, have had eczema since birth and have used cortisone creams for pretty much all of it in varying degrees to manage my skin, I am very lucky things are going relatively well considering the damage my skin has endured.

Dear SleepGod,
I would really be grateful for some more consistent sleep though!!
With Thanks in anticipation,
Caroline xx

 Skin looking a lot better, though still quite tender and kind of looking a bit plasticky at the moment 


Legs have gone from red to purple.


As you can see, still got the inflammation going on
The flat upraised lump on the left is one of the warty things that have emerged and the red spots are where I have others and have itched the skin off the top of them.
These are on my legs, arms and tummy now. 


  1. Really how annoying are bras during tsw?? So frustrating! It's good to see you doing better, I hope it gets easier and easier for you!!! I'm cheering you on!! xx

  2. I've got the same book and went Paleo a month ago and it's been great! The inflammation is attacking your hair follicles as well but that's necessary for the detox. Glad you're doing better Caroline :)

  3. Thanks Mary, me too.
    I hope you are doing well also. How is the Betonite Clay going??

  4. Look great Caroline! How are things going at the moment? I hope things are still improving. My son Josh had a wart condition on his hands when he was very small, they said it was a type of bacteria on the skin which can eventually infect the skin and cause warts if the skin is open a lot (it was open a lot due to scratching). I can't remember what is was called, but it's not anything to worry about as it goes away on its own. Take care, Louise x

  5. Hi Louise, Thanks
    Glad to hear the wart thing clears, I think as my immune system improves all will be well as far as that goes by the sounds of it.
    I'm so glad to see Josh looks to be on the improve, as you all must be. Hope it's still the case.
    I'm going in the other direction at the moment. hohum.

  6. Its tough when you've been making improvements then things go backwards, but keep up hope - it won't be long until that subsides and you will be feeling better again. Stay strong, Louise xx