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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Hoping for some relief soon Week 4-6

Well this last week has seen me back at the hospital for an appointment with the dermatologist again.  By the time I got there I was in such a state of an 'itchwavecraze' that when I got to the right floor, all I could yelp was, "Have You Got Icepacks!!"
I looked a right sight, covered from head to toe, red as all red and with oedema worsening from my knees down and oozing fluid. They got me a wet wrap and threw it over me.  Then for the next hour I had 2 dermatologists trying to convince that this called for immediate admission. (So hard to resist as all I wan't is instant relief)!! This would mean a couple of weeks or so of cortisone wraps and immuno suppressants.  Of course, the fact that I expressed that I was pretty certain the cortisone overload is what this was a direct result of and I was not prepared to be treated by that means, left them looking at me like I had 4 heads.
What was bizarre, was how critical they were saying it all was but that they were unable to do anything if I rejected the cortisone treatment they would provide if admitted. In other words they have no other possible treatments than cortisone or immunosuppressants because these are the most cost effective for the hospital, (as one of them blatantly told me).   Pretty pathetic, when they are only creating a whole new generation of people who will be getting sicker and sicker with these treatments. There seems to be no acknowledgement that the treatment in itself has become the problem for many people. I was hard pressed to even get information as to how to manage this at home if they couldn't treat me there.
Meanwhile, I have remained on my elimination diet provided by my naturopath, so at least, hopefully ,I am not doing any extra to add to this ghastly mess.  Working towards good gut and all that. 
Bit of a backward step with that though, as have been back to see my GP who got me to do swab test on oozy ankles to reveal +++staph infection, so given this is not a good time for a rife infection, I am now on antibiotics.  GRRRRrrrrrr... Hang in there ol' gut of mine, we'll get there. At least my GP is willing to keep a check on me, as she seems to agree with the ultimate problem of TSW.
Due to my pain levels, lack of sleep and absolute discomfort on all levels, my GP has prescribed me a health care plan which has enabled me to access 10 sessions of hypnotherapy, from a psychologist who is also very interested in nutritional health.
I've had 2 sessions so far which were great in terms of relaxation but so far I haven't been able to quite translate that to when I need it in desperate times - like when I want to rip my self apart, am in severe pain or can't sleep due to both of these, which is most of the time. He is also working in these sessions to help me try and support and improve my immune system which is shot to pieces.  I hold out hope that this process may make a difference over time. I didn't think I'd be a good candidate for hypnosis but he seems to think I can go quite deeply with it, so fingers crossed.
Condy's Crystals has helped some of the oozing settle where the oedema was quite bad. 
The oedema is sort of settling as I have now been on diuretics from gp for a few days, but legs and feet still pretty sore and quite purple. I still have the redness everywhere though the swelling has settled in my face somewhat, it is just a bit (lot!) gruesome that I now have overall broken, swollen, weepy skin and on top off that it is now just falling off everywhere at the same time, is all over me, my clothes and everything else is covered in skin flakes. 
My current wish list is: personal nurse, housekeeper and chef :)
Week 4-6
Week 4-6
Week 4-6
Week 4-6 Miss Piggy
Week 4-6


  1. This must be so difficult for you, I am rooting for you. I wonder if you watched doctor rapaports video he mentions about infections. Also if you are taking anti-biotics, it will be helpful to take probiotic foods as your naturopath has probably already said. Sending healing thoughts your way. xx

    1. Thanks I did see the video.
      Yep definitely onto mega probiotics now and possibly on the up side, it turns out I had a gut parasite that has hopefully been knocked on the head in the process of taking those nasty antibiotics.
      caro x

  2. Stay strong! Things will get better one day at a time!


  3. Your poor feet!!
    I too hope you will get relief soon!

  4. Why don´t you try Robertson Eczema Relief fron Australia