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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Week 2 TSW Hubbabubba is this for real!!

So this process is definitely not easy and I sure do hope I am doing the right thing.
This is week 2 without using any topical cortisone creams. (mind you, I had been using as sparingly as possible)
My face continues to be itchy; it's  burning, stinging and the swelling makes me almost unrecognisable. 
If I thought sleep was hard to come by before, now it is completely off the chart.
The rest of my body is doing what it's been doing for quite some time (5 years), which is hiving and itching all over (always worse at night).

This is aside from the lifelong eczema that I've had in varying degrees since I was a babe of 2 weeks old.

But now the swelling in my face is moving into the hives on my neck, shoulders and chest.
You can literally see it moving down that little bit extra each day.  The burning and itching sensation is like internal/external torture.
I have been spending most of my nights having baths alternating with putting in: Epsom salts, bicarb soda or organic, pure apple cider vinegar.
This relieves it all temporarily,
then I apply lubricating creams after getting out of bath - but the relief is short lived and then the process is repeated all over again a couple of hours later so that I don't rip my self apart from the intense itchiness that returns.
Week 2
Week 2
Swollen, hivey, rashy and moving onto neck and shoulders. Sorry, too hard too smile right now.

I have been mostly on homemade veggie soup and broths intake over the last 3 weeks and plenty of filtered water, Probiotic capsules for the gut and Primrose Oil capsules that are meant to aid in skin conditions such as eczema.
 Tomorrow I have an appointment for getting blood tests taken as a preliminary to seeing new naturopath.  Also have appointments coming up at hospital with dermatologist and allergist.  Not so much looking forward to these as I have a fair idea that they will say what the private dermo was saying, which is:
"the only solution here is cortisone"!!
Looking forward to seeing naturopath though.


  1. What is the view on antihistamine to calm the reaction? The effect of swelling and itching seems so much like allergic reaction.

  2. Hi Karen, I have in fact been taking antihistamine in hope that it helps, would have to say, not noticing much relief. Maybe this would be even worse without them though. It does feel and look like allergic reaction to the enth degree. My daughter looked liked this a few years ago when she reacted severely to a hair dye chemical... and they prescribed her oral cortisone to settle the reaction.
    This is the opposite - i.e. stopping all cortisone creams has the body wildly reacting.

  3. Hi Caroline . I remember myself having the exact same thing that your pictures show . At one point my had to take me to see the Dr and my eyes had swelled shut . He gave me antihysamines and they did help . I remember that the only thing that helped was to lay down and wait for the swelling to go down , which it will . I hope that this stage passes quickly for you . Ive been there and i know how bad it feels but it will pass . God bless .

  4. Thanks John,
    My eyes have started to settle and the flare is moving down onto neck, torso, arms and top of legs now. Relieved to hear this is all within the realm of 'normal' TSW.

  5. its very normal for TSW . You are showing all the same symptoms i went through . just a little tip - when all the swelling goes down you will probably shed a lot of the top layer of skin because of the skin being stretched , try not to pick it off before its ready ,especialy around the eyes . I used get like a plastic feeling to the skin just before this happened , it sounds bad but its a good sign that the flare is subsiding . dont worry about it if it does . try and keep a half day diary and write down every 12 hours how you feel and whats happening . it will give you a clear view for the future . this is the worst part so hang on in there .

    1. Thanks for the tip John.
      How long did your flares last for?
      This just seems continual and has spread from head to ankles.
      So painful. I'm not sure how people can continue for years with TSW when this is such early days for me and so severe everywhere.

    2. Hi Caroline , Sorry i didnt answer earlier . My initial first flare started a week after stopping and gathered momentum for about 7 weeks then it started to die down and by week 10 , i think , i felt a lot better and my skin began to relax a bit . How are you today ? is there any sign of it easing ?
      cheers J .

    3. Not yet but hopefully some settling soon to come.
      Glad you are feeling so much better these days.

  6. thanks for asking. Not great, my skin is a mess from head to ankles.
    Burning, itching, oozy around my ears, face, neck, fingers and sore as hell.
    My whole body hurts in every movement I make and even laying or sitting still in one place hurts with the pressure. My clothes hurt, the air hurts, everything hurts, not sure if I can go on like this for years if this is all in the first month of tsw. Enough grizzling, time to get dinner.

  7. I'm sorry to hear that :( that happened to me the first month as well.. But it will pass, I hope. My flare is a bit calmer now I'm just so so dry I can't believe it. I'm trying to sit completely still cause then I can't feel the itch but its hard..
    Can you sleep at all?
    Hope it gets better for you soon!

  8. Hi Caroline, sorry to see it's taking its toll on you like this :( are your eyes still extremely swollen and are you still taking antihistamines? I found hydroxyzine (brand name Atarax) to be the best for relieving the itching plus it makes you drowsy so can help somewhat with sleep. Hope you're feeling better today xx

    1. Thanks for the info Jenny. My eyes go up and down. I am taking some antihistamine, but will check for the ones you mention, they may be more effective.
      Am still pretty cruddy at the moment and getting sleep is a real problem. Have also developed nice fat knees and ankles. Lovely. x